Getting Superkit in Europe

I wonder where are the European teams shopping for VexIQ?

There’s plenty of teams in GB and some in Spain too, so they must have reasonable way of obtaining the technology.
I have a friend in CZ who’d like to get a SuperKit (and certainly some extra parts, maybe later on), and shipping from US means a lot of troubles. Not so much with the shipping, the customs is where it gets complicated. So if there was a distributor inside EU, it would be much easier.
The reseller list didn’t help much for VexIQ.

RobotMesh has a store in the UK.

But I’m not sure if they sell parts from that store, might be software only.

Hmmm. Not sure that I understand the question here. When I go to the Vex IQ website and select “ships from,” I get options for US, Canada, UK and Europe… At present, Europe listings for kits are our of stock, but the UK listings are not.

Our (Robot Mesh) UK store is software only.

I can recommend Rapid Education (UK based, but also ships to EU)*&filterBrand=VEX+IQ&channel=RapidElectronics&sourceRefKey=wYU_d84e3&filterSearchScope=2
shows VEX IQ Super Kits in stock.

Thanks for all the answers. No, I have never noticed the dropdown on VEX Robotics that allows me to change the shipping location. At least in theory - apparently it’s not really shipping anything from continental Europe.
I’ll forward your suggestions.

Rapid Education are able to ship to Europe from the UK. Worth checking with VEX but I am sure they have stock in mainland Europe as well.

Hi Nenik,

We have an office and distribution center based in Luxembourg. If you select Europe in the Ships From dropdown menu this is where your order will ship from.

That location has VEX IQ Super Kits and Starter Kits - along with spare parts and accessories - in stock.

Thanks for your interest!