Getting the Sign of a Double Value

Hey everybody, I was just wondering if VEXcode Pro has a prebuilt function to recall the sign of a variable. If not, does anybody know know of a way to build one? The variables I am dealing with are double variables.

There isn’t a sign function built into C++ afaik, but you can make a simple one like this:

template <typename T> int sgn(T val) {
    return (T(0) < val) - (val < T(0));

A pretty simple way to make one yourself would be to have a function with a parameter x, and returns the sign like so:

if (x > 0) return 1;
if (x < 0) return -1;
return 0;
x / abs(x);

As long as x != 0, this should work.

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See std::signbit: std::signbit -

and for the old C programmers amongst us.

#define  SIGN(x)  (((x) > 0) ? 1 : (((x) < 0) ? -1 : 0))