Getting to states through skills

I was wondering when we would find out who made it to states through skills. We have no other spot to states and are depending on our skill score.
Thanks :slight_smile:

“The team(s) will be notified upon the conclusion (within 72 hours) of the last official VRC
event in the state if their score has qualified that team to the State/Regional/Province Championship.”

You could also figure it out by going through the skills rankings for your state (which is a bit time-consuming by hand and I’m not sure of any other way to do it).

^ On robot events, go to world skills standings and select your state.

How is that going to tell me if I made it to states?

I’m adding to the previous point made by Vex 9185, who said that he wasn’t sure how to sort skills scores by state. I believe your question has already been answered, I’m just adding to the answer.

Oh ok. Thanks for the help.

I meant it’s a bit painful to go through the state rankings list by hand and see who has qualified (because some people haven’t registered yet :p).

I went through all the tournament s in our region, wrote down all the qualified teams, and kept a Talley of haw many spots they won throughout the season. I then went to the skills list (had to type it out since Nebraska and iowa are combined) and crossed off each qualified team. This leaves me with the top skills teams that haven’t qualified. Then I go back, and count how many extra spots there will be from double qualifications. Take that number and count down the list of unqualified skills teams. If you are one of the teams you will qualify