Getting to Worlds

Today was my team 9932E’s state competition in the Southern New York area. This morning, there was about 2 inches of snow outside. Because of this, our superintendent cancelled all school functions and activities. This prevented us from going to our state competition. The event still ran without us.
My team is composed of all high school seniors on their last run to worlds. For me personally, it was extremely upsetting having gone to worlds since freshmen year and having our chance taken away just like that (all other teams were there except for us).

I’m wondering if there are other alternatives to getting into worlds other than online challenges this year?


That is most unfortunate.


  • get on waiting lists for Worlds and/or US Open
  • volunteer at one or both of the events - that can be a rewarding end of season experience.

Contact your RECF RSM and see if there are other possibilities.

In your district if you can not go to Worlds, why not have some events to celebrate Worlds and game release to inspire the other kids in your club?

I know it must be disappointing - but that is life, we get unexpected twists.

Go to the Signature Event in MA next week, if they still have openings. They have 3 Worlds slots to allocate.

  • ETA - looks like they have slots but are closed. You might contact them directly by phone or email and see if you can get in anyway due to unforeseen circumstances?

Get the highest skills score in your region and maybe you’ll get one of the double quals? If you haven’t gotten high enough yet, you could increase your skills at the Signature Event.

US Open has indicated they will NOT be taking anyone off the waiting list; they registered teams with the expectation some would drop and will not be filling those spots. No Worlds slots anyway, but might have been fun!

  • ETA - The US Open OPEN division might still have slots and could be a lot of fun and a more enjoyable way to end your season than just having to stop now. You might look into that? Slightly different than the traditional Vex game, but looked interesting!

Indeed WPI is an option if you can get in. However, looking at the caliber of the teams attending, it is going to be a difficult endeavor. Make sure to do skills if you go as they go down the global skills list for teams that have already qualified.