Getting two motors to work together

How can i get two arm motors to work together in a clawbot

For joystick control or autonomous?

joystick i got them to work but the claw stopped working

Something like this:

See this thread for a description of the code, it’s pretty similar:


that isn’t the same programming that we are usingScreenshot 2020-09-18 at 8.45.04 AM

I don’t have ROBOTC but the concept is exactly the same.
If you are using IQ, it is worth switching to VEXcode IQ as ROBOTC is no longer supported. VEXcode IQ has both Scratch Blocks and C++ text coding.

Post your code that doesn’t work and we can help from there.


im wondering how to run code while driving?

Could you be a bit more specific about the types of functions that you are looking to achieve?

like when i get my 3 arm on the last riser on the triple stack, i want the desent to be more contolled.

I gotchu (fellow ROBOTC coder)… Give me a second, noticed this was VEX IQ
edit//: I am very sorry, I am not used to VEX IQ’s configuration within ROBOTC. I wish I can help, but sadly I would be hopping into an area that I am not certain of. Most likely there are other individuals who can help you though, but as a worst-case scenario you can switch to VEXCode/C++ as the bulk of community has moved over to that.


oh, im using vex code right now

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I have another problem

want to elaborate?

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My Claw Bot is turning by itself and i don’t know what is causing it can you help

pictures? vid? code?

Do you mean that when you are in Driver Control, it is creeping very slowly?
If so, calibrating the joysticks will help:

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i don’t think it is the code i tried turning the speed down on one side and then the other

I don’t have that kind of brain hooked up on my robot

I am confused right now as to what your issue is, but here’s my tricks for troubleshooting a drivetrain:

Driver Control: Recalibrate controller, if that doesn’t work, then try different motor combos and switch them out.

Custom Code: If coding is correct (with motor percent values and that stuff), then change out the motors. Try different combos.

If these don’t work, be specific and tell us what the problem is, and what you’ve done so far. Help us help you.

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you have confused me at drivetrain