Getting yelled at by refs while scoring matches

I was yelled at a total of 4 times last comp while I was pointing out things to the refs during scoring. these include two dq’s (one for my team) and scored tiles. I understand scoring this games matches is hard but I still have the right to point things out right?

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So the procedure is this - scoring referees count the points - preferably loud so you can hear what is included and what is missed. At the end the referees are supposed to present their count. You should stay in the driver station if you have disagreement with count, respectfully point out what you think is missed or misinterpreted. The referee may or may not come to same conclusion. The Head Referee’s decisions are final.

I do not know what specifically happened at your event, but it is unfortunate you came away with an negative experience.


Can’t comment on the specifics of your experience because I wasn’t there, and I’m only hearing your side… but my comments from the standpoint of my experiences being a referee:

If I am actively scoring a match, I would ask a team who is interrupting me to “hold-on” or “wait a minute” until I am done with my scoring. If the venue is loud, that might be interpreted as “yelling.” Before submitting scores, I (or my colleagues) will show the teams the scores on the tablet and ensure everyone agrees. This would be the time to ask questions, point out errors, or ask a question, etc.


Makes sense and I over exaggerate “yelling” all the time, its a bad habit.


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