Ghost Ride The Whip

has anyone seen any of these hilarious videos yet? look on Youtube for the funniest.

There are lots of ghost ride the whip videos but the best is “Ghost ride the golfcart”

Here are my favorites. Has anyone here done this?

Awesome Movies

I’m gonna go “Ghost ride the Lowrider” in a few after watching these movies.

Whoa The Ones Tmax Has R Nice Too

these videos are the excitement our team has…

I Like When A Person Steals The Ghostridrs Car Thats Awesome :d Lol

I’m not sure whats better, these videos or this…

All HAIL BIG BOB:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Here are some nerds ghost riding the chair(this is some tri lam lookin’ stuff)
Here are some white people doing it with a truck
I would never attempt the stunts the kid who runs up to the camera performs Im speechless

I think this whip is too fast to ghost ride.

All this guy needs to do is learn how to ghost ride the whip and then he would have something.

whoa the ones u just showed us were awesome

The last 2 I posted are actually interesting to some of us because it modification to usually harmless objects. I have a pulling tractor with a 1000cc Yamaha motorcycle engine in it. It makes 150 Hp and revs to 14500 RPM’s Ill get some videos up to prove it. Most people dont believe me and my dad built it from the ground up.

Ok I finally got the clip up of the tractor I was talking about.

thats sum redneck racin right there

redneck racing? No thats engineering, and creativity and it makes more power than your honda:D

yeah, its 1000cc

and it makes 150Horsepower!Haha thats a lot for a tractor.

Yeah, my Honda still gets better horsepower than that. But back on topic. I still think that that one video with the bus with all the people hangin’ out is the best. Or the one with the guy Ghost Ridin’ the pink bicycle:D