Ghost robot in Canada!

I was looking at robots on youtube till i stumbled apon a robot that could carry two goals to the top of the ladder like king kong and high hangs all auto, the robot then comes back down and grabs its partner and picks them up and high hangs. I was gunna send the vid around but they took it down the next time i wanted to go back…and from what i saw in the background they were a Canadian team…(saw a Canadian flag).

beware at worlds…?

so thats what you guys have been working on…

if it lifts itself and its partner to HH, i doubt it would be fast and anything to worry about anyway because the time it takes for it to HH both of the alliance are out of action so you and your alliance have the field to yourself to score the remaining goals

Just to figure out what it would score…

Lets assume they win autonomous- 10 pts
Having 2 goals owned with say 4 tubes with them on the ladder- 26 pts
Having both robots High Hang- 40 pts
Total - 76 Pts

You and your alliance would be left with 3 Movable weighted bases and the 4 wall goals to work with. Assuming that you could own all of the remaining goals that would get you to 35 pts worth of owning goals which means you would need to get another 41 pts worth of tube scoring. This means you would need to score 21 tubes (in order to win) across 7 goals. There are only 20 tubes available to be scored. So in order to win you have to do one of the following.

Finish putting your tubes on goals then hang
Beat their autonomous
Hope that my assumption of them putting 4 tubes on each goal that they take up with them is incorrect

I didn’t see it but my money says that it is not as easy to beat it as i (or jacko for that matter ;)) first thought.


wow! how does this bot grab is partner? claw or platform type system?

This is a perfect opportunity to look at the old results of my roundup simulator; Here are the minimum possible ways that Red can beat the Blue Canadian team as specified.

Red Blue (assume tied or blue loses auton)
g07_t11_st14_R_ Red beats g02_t08_R_HH 67 66
g07_t11_st14_t_L Red beats g02_t08_t_HH 67 66
g07_t16_st14_t_ Red beats g02_t08_t_HH 67 66

                            (assume Blue wins Auton)

g07_t11_st14_B_H Red beats g02_t08_B_HH 77 76
g07_t21_st14_B_ Red beats g02_t08_B_HH 77 76
g07_t16_st14_B_L Red beats g02_t08_B_HH 77 76

Three different ways to win, even after you lose autonomous.
Get nearly all the tubes (there are 22 total of each color), or your team has to hang. (Or knock the blue team off the ladder, gently without intending to damage them)

Let me know if you find errors in my math.

There’s actually only 20 of each colour:
4x stacks of four tubes (= 16 tubes)
1x stack of two tubes (= 2 tubes)
2x preloads (= 2 tubes)

makes 20 tubes in total.

Oh jeez. It sounds almost too good to be true.

Just for confirmation, all they did during the match was pick their partner up to high hang with them? Is this legal? I remember during a driver’s meeting, that they said you cannot lift a partner up to hang with them.

It is legal, see:

or, more specifically:

My bad, I was using 20 + 2 preloads. Now corrected;
Now 166 total possible winning games. These are the minimums:

If Red wins autonomous:
g07_t11_st12_R_ Red beats g02_t08_R_HH 67 66
g07_t07_st12_R_L Red beats g02_t08_R_HH 69 66

If Autonomous is tied:
g07_t16_st12_t_ Red beats g02_t08_t_HH 67 66
g07_t11_st12_t_L Red beats g02_t08_t_HH 67 66
g07_t07_st12_t_H Red beats g02_t08_t_HH 69 66

Otherwise, even if Blue wins autonmous, Red can still win,
**but it needs most f the tubes, and at least one hanger. **
If Blue takes a long time to HHang while helping their partner, a competent Red alliance need not panic.
g07_t16_st12_B_L Red beats g02_t08_B_HH 77 76
g07_t11_st12_B_H Red beats g02_t08_B_HH 77 76
g07_t07_st12_B_HL Red beats g02_t08_B_HH 79 76

Example maximum win by Red, 115 to 76, even though Blue won Autonomous.
g07_t20_st12_B_HH Red beats g02_t08_B_HH 115 76

The Canada + squarebot scenario is similar to a robot like GreenEggs (modified for hang-high capability) with a high-hang-only partner.
GE sequestering two goals under the ladder (instead of carrying them like Kong) and then both HH is not an unbeatable strategy if at least one of the opponents can hang, or can win autonomous.

Did anyone see this team at worlds??

its a ghost robot remember? of course nobody saw it!

I didn’t see it in the Math and Engineering divisions (our division), and I didn’t hear about it in the other two, so I’m relatively sure It wasn’t there. (I’m think I would have heard about it if it was there, )


We didnt see them over in science and technology either…

btw how did you guys do at worlds? maybe we will see you guys at rolling meadows this year?