Giant VEX Logo Needed

Does someone have a massive VEX Logo I can have? I don’t have any programs that work with vector formats. Thanks all!

How massive are we talking? Give me a width

Edit: Is the resources one labeled “VEX Robotics Design System Logo - Web Ready” not big enough?

I got it. It worked that time… I don’t know if it is PNG though. Let me check.

Edit: No. I need like 12" wide at least.

Note: I edited this a bunch

How’s this?


Perfect, thanks a bunch!

You’re welcome!

For future reference, if you need to do that I used inkscape to convert the illustrator file to svg. Then I imported that into gimp at the size I wanted and saved as a png.

All free and open source software :smiley:

+1 on inkscape and gimp! Both are free resources that can get you what you need. Adobe also sells student editions of their platforms but even so they are a bit steep for occasional use (versus if you were studying graphic design)

Frankly I’ve never really liked adobe products. For most things I’d choose gimp over illustrator regardless of the price. I’m just more comfortable with it.

Edit: But I am an occasional user and definitely not studying graphic design