Gift For My Robotics Teacher

Hello everyone,
so after a very fruitful year, I plan on continuing my vex education in VEX U next year. However, I’d like to recognize my senior year robotics mentor with a small gift, preferably something in the $15 area (it’s coming out my own pocket). I was wondering if anyone had any cool ideas for a gift I could get my robotics mentor. He’s a pretty big nerd; he’s a physicist, and he loves NASA. Any cool ideas would be greatly appreciated.

If you have models of this years robot and you have access to cheap 3d printing you could print of little robot model. That has always been a sponsor favourite :).

These guys have some interesting T-shirts and coffee mugs around that price range:

This is more money but it’s one of my faves:

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That big red trophy that you can get it during worlds… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Man, a lot of this stuff looks like exactly what I had in mind. Great contribution.

If you’re a programmer, than perhaps a code that does something awesome. Although that’s more a gift to the club instead of to the teacher…

My students gave me a photo book of the season. It sits on the coffee table and allows me to brag.