Gift Ideas

What are some good gifts for you robotic people?


I bought both of these in the last couple weeks.

PS: Nobody tell ROBOTC what I am spending my money on :wink:

I would tell you but my daughter reads this forum. it’s good though…

The best gift ever is caricature from photo! It’s always nice and original I guess. I like such gifts, it will be forever on your wall. So, if you need here’s the website where I ordered:

Defiantly something made with spare robot parts!

This is a thread from November…

Ya the first necro is clever spam and the second post is just someone not paying attention. Still a fun little discussion.

is it safe to tell now?

As long as this thread is necroed … aluminum or more sensors. Also CAD designs of the Discobot’s robot, but those might be more difficult to get your hands on.

Hahaha. That’s pretty funny. Seeing as how I’m pretty sure they don’t cad them you would have to sit and cad their robots for them.

CORRECTION : they do cad

Ok. I also wouldn’t mind if you just gave me the Discobots robot, then.

They will sell them for 100 CAD. :wink:

A BB-8! The Sphero one, not the other one.

What better way to spend your day than getting stuck in an airport you were not looking to even visit! I was on a trip from PHL to SFO and the airplane took off and then apparently we had a bit of trouble so they landed us in Pittsburgh. So it was 11 hours worth of being stuck there.

So in the PIT airport there is a bit of a mall. Nicer when it was a hub airport but there was a new shipment of the BB-8 toys at the Brookstone. So I had to pick one up. They even shipped it home for me. Hottest Christmas gift of the season!

So nearer to Christmas my daughter said she wanted one. Well I laid it on pretty thick of - Ok I will get you that, a tickle me Elmo, a cabbage patch kid, game system du jour, and a litany of all the other hot Christmas toys that were impossible to find in previous years. It worked. She was very delightfully surprised on Christmas.

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