Giorno's theme during autonomous

How can we use this speaker module ( and vexCode v5 text to play 15 seconds of Giorno’s theme while our robot is running autonomous? All the tutorials I’ve found are for v3 or v4. What code lines should I be using? Can the bot play music and run autonomous at the same time?

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The VEX speaker is not compatible with the V5 brain.


Sad, I know.

Long Thread about the possibility of a V5 Speaker

Why does V5 not have a speaker?!

I remember the good old days. When our D team played the Bill Nye the Science Guy theme during auton. And we played some good songs, like Super Mario Bros, NFL theme song whatever, Tetris song, He’s A Pirate, etc.


Is there a built in motor on the cortex we can use, or newer VEX speakers?

No, there is no officially-supported way to play audio from a V5 brain.

We had a partner controller with a bunch of GLaDOS voice lines on it in SS


The controller itself makes noise? That’s awesome! There are so many good quotes from that game

Nah, the second controller was basically a sound board for the speaker on the bot

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The only time where having a dual driver setup is acceptable.


with the absence of vex speakers with V5, are you allowed to bring normal speakers to the drive station? I don’t really see a difference besides the fact that having vex speakers is a little cooler/funnier.

Yeah could you put a normal speaker on the bot as a non-functional decoration?

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I genuinely want to know this

If the speaker requires any wireless communication, it is most definitely illegal.

Even without requiring wireless communication, any mildly respectable speaker is probably too heavy to be reasonably considered non-functional.

Wear Headphones set to highest volume then?

Do not do this.


That was a joke. Thanks for the coherent reply though.

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Sarcasm is often not conveyed well using only text. In the future please remember to include a /s or other indication of sarcasm to avoid any potential misconception.

That is true. Sorry for the confusion.