Girl Powered Challenge - Example Storybooks

My daughter wants to submit an entry to the Girl Powered On-Line Challenge. The idea of creating a “story book” is kind of throwing her for a loop. She thought she just needed to write a story - but it appears that she needs to incorporate photos and diagrams, too, and she’s having trouble wrapping her mind around that. Does anyone know if there have been challenges in the past that required submitting a “story book?” If so, can you point me to some samples?

If there are no samples, what is the ratio of words to pictures people are thinking for this challenge? Should it be more pictures than words - or more words that pictures? To me, when someone says “storybook” I think of a pre-school teacher sitting around reading Go Dog Go to a bunch of preschoolers. So I’m not much help to her on this!


I would work with her local librarian to look for examples of story books used for telling stories about personal growth and challenges. Librarians are a wonderful resource for this kind of thing.

Great idea! Thanks!