Girl Powered Grant

@DRow I am sure I am not the only one wondering this, but do you know if the 50% more girls on a team requirement for the girl powered grant requires that the girls be biologically female, or does it go my how the student identifies? If it is the latter, how would someone who is “gender fluid” be counted as the person could identify as a girl or as a boy on any given day?

Well, if Vex wants to be the gender inclusive society they claim they are, I feel like gender fluid people should count as whichever gender their hearts desire. Of course, to eliminate this “loophole”, as Vex would put it, it would require a brand new initiative that included both genders equally instead of favoring one. I wish that we had such an initiative. Oh wait, #batterypowered.

The REC Foundation oversees all Girl Powered grants. I have nothing to do with grants, or who is eligible to receive them. As an EP, you should know that questions such as these would be better directed to your Regional Support Manager.

You can also find more information here:

@DRow Thanks for your response. I asked here and had tagged you for two reasons. 1) You are the person from whom I first heard about the grant and you do seem to be in the know about a lot of these things. 2) I also know that others would probably be interested in knowing the answer. It could affect who is eligible to apply and the more people who know what the rules are, the better. It could expand the number of legitimate applications and reduce the number of application that are not legitimate depending on what the answer turns out to be.

I did assume that Vex was at least part of the Girl Powered initiative and part of the grant process given how much Vex is specifically mentioned on the Girl Powered website but it sounds like the grant part is totally an RECF thing based on your response.

I will follow up with RECF to find out the answer. The website does not seem to address the issue at all one way or the other.

I mentor what may be the most diverse robotics group competing in Vex. We are diverse based on what people define as “race”, gender, ethnic background, educational background, age, handicapped status, and even weight. With this in mind, we are the picture of diversity and not only think diversity is cool, but we live diversersity.

All that said, I do think it is a valid question that should be clearly answered and the answer be open and public so there are no misunderstandings later on.

Thanks for your help.

I asked the question on the Girl Powered website. They have a form to ask questions. I think I may get a faster accurate answer directly from them. @DRow, thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.