Girl-Powered Online Challenge Question

I am writing on behalf of my sister, who has been working on a VEX IQ online challenge. She chose to do “Girl-Powered: In Her Own Words.” The requirements stipulate that the story is to be no more than 12 pages. However, when she tried to delete the remaining pages, Shutterfly would not allow her to do so. I then tried some of the other online book sources, and it seems that a 20 page minimum is pretty standard. I was wondering if you have had feedback from anyone else on this yet, and maybe someone has stumbled upon another service that I am unaware of that allows for a 12 page book? Or, are people just turning in books with 8 blank pages? We would really appreciate some advice on how to proceed, in order to make sure that we fulfill the guidelines. Thank you!

I have now also heard of this issue with adding one blank page, but on another online platform (Picaboo).

Can others share if they’ve encountered this problem, and if so, how to solve it?


Shutterfly requires photo books to have a minimum of twenty pages. The general consensus with the Shutterfly entries so far seems to be leaving eight pages blank as there is no way to have a photo book that is only twelve pages. I hope that these blank pages will not be counted as being past the twelve page limit.

We had the same issue.

We got around it by filling up all the extra pages, then exporting it to PDF. Under the ‘Project’ menu there’s an option to ‘Export to PDF’. The we edited the file to remove the extra pages.

Hope that helps!! Best of Luck!

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