Girl Scouts at VEX Robotics World Championship 2012


I know that at the VEX Robotics World Championship 2012 there were teams that has members that are Girl Scouts, but they were representing a school.

I want to know if there were (at the VEX Robotics WC 2012) any team representing a Girl Scouts troop or a Girl Scouts Council?

Our team was interviewed by VEX media because there was a possibility that we are the first team of Girl Scouts that reached the VEX WC. But they and neither us know OFFICIALLY this information.

Could you research and tell us about this? BTW… We would like to have a copy of that interview! :cool:

Jose M. Pagan
GS Technical Support Mentor
Team 2247-B
Girl Scouts of Caribe
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Hi Jose,

After talking to the person in charge of that interview, I was informed that your team is among one of the first teams representing a Girl Scouts troop; however, we have no way of knowing if you are exactly the first one.

We are still processing all the VEX Championship interviews/videos.
We will be on the lookout for your interview.
Hopefully, such interviews will be public eventually.


Hi, Eli!
I forgot to say THANK YOU.

Any update on this topic?

By the way…

Two of our team (2247-B) members are in this video. (Frame 2:37) :smiley:

Well… Thanks agan.

I don’t know which was the first Girl Scouts team at the VEX World Championship, but I do know that team 417 was at the World Championship in 2009. Team 417 was an all-girls team from a Venturing Crew. Venturing is the Boy Scouts of Americas co-ed program for youth from 14-20 years old, so I’m pretty sure that 417 was the first all-girls Boy Scout team at World Champs. :slight_smile: