Git in VexCode

Does anyone know how to have version control in VexCode with git? Or is the only way to do this is with Github Desktop? I might be misunderstanding this so please correct me on anything!

Both Git and Github Desktop can be used for version control with VexCode.


I personally avoid using any built in git integration in IDEs anyway. The “normal” method of using git, commandline or GUI works with any reasonable environment VexCode included.

I personally recommend gitkraken.

but the github desktop works as well.


Yeah I second @tabor473.

You can get gitkraken pro for free if you’re a student with the GitHub student developer pack. It’s pretty amazing if you haven’t checked it out yet.

All you need is a student ID or a report card/transcript


Git works very well with the basic command line utilities but SourceTree is a good graphical application that works with Git and is easy to use.