Github copilot breaking VS Code extension

I have been using both Github Copilot and the Vex VS Code extension for quite some time but, I just got this error today from the recent update. This new update causes the vex extension to no longer be able to build projects from both the keyboard shortcut and the build button. When I uninstall copilot, this problem disappears. I am wondering if there is a fix for this, because I would like to be able to have the copilot extension installed.

I just got this error today from the recent update

We cannot help you fix the problem unless you tell us what the problem is. Please upload a screenshot or picture of the error message. I find it highly unlikely that the github copilot caused the VEX extension to stop functioning.

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sounds like a problem with copilot rather than the VEX extension, but we will have a look and see if we can reproduce the issue at some point.



Yeah I agree this is probably GitHub Copilot issue, but I’ll install the GitHub Pilot extension and see if I can reproduce you issue.

Just a couple of questions:

  • What operating system are you running on?

  • What platform are you using?
    V5, EXP, or IQ Gen 2?

  • What language are you programming in?
    Python or C/C++?

  • What version of the VEX Extension do you have installed?
    You can find this by clicking on the VEX Extension icon in the sidebar and then looking at the version listed in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  • When you built your project, did you have brain or controller connected?
  • What did you update? The VEX Extension, vscode, or Github Pilot?

I’m running windows 11 with the V5 platform. I’m programming in C++ with the extension version 0.3.0. I had neither the brain or controller plugged in, and the update was on Copilot. There was no error message or anything, it just didn’t work. However, I am programming on a windows 10 laptop right now, and there is no problem.

Yeah that was my experience as well, I could not get vscode to crash during a build after I installed and used Copilot on my windows machine.

Maybe updating Copilot without restarting vscode put vscode in a weird state.

But keep me posted. If the crashes become more frequent let me know and I’ll try into it further in the future.

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