Github integration with RobotC

How does everyone do integration with Github. I don’t see any formal integrations, so I was looking at possibly using TortoiseGit from the command line.

Does anyone have other suggestions on good version control within RobotC?

We just use Visual Studio as a text editor and compile with RobotC. The only downside is Visual Studio’s startup time, but that’s preferable to breaking things with the command line (I definitely would).

We’ve been using Github Desktop GUI for members not familiar with the command line. It’s pretty easy to use.

AFAIK, Github recognizes RobotC code as just regular C, and so it isn’t really a problem for us.

So I use this git client for all my needs.

Unfortunately it’s Mac only, however, I do lots of development using a VMware virtual machine running Windows and just use a shared volume for the source code.

Another interesting option is this.

It’s cross platform and has only just come out of beta but it looks promising.

We will be using SVN for this year with tortoise SVN shell on a parallels VM under OS X

Another option is SourceTree ( made by Atlassian for both Windows and OSX.

James’ suggestion of GitKraken looks really interesting as it’s also available for Linux, I might end up looking into that to see what it’s like.

When I am in windows I use sourceTree and recommend it to people who are new to github. Very helpful and easy to use.

I am fairly familiar with Git on the command line (but many of my team’s members are not) and couldn’t find any GUI programs that I liked all that much. So I just created some scripts. I can post them here if people want to see them.

For what it’s worth, which is @jpearman choice, now runs on windows.

If you’re on windows, there’s Git GUI, which comes with your installation of Git for Windows. Additionally, I’ve heard of good things about GitKracken which is cross-platform and works on Windows, Linux and OS X

Ya I quite enjoy gitkraken as well. It is my client of choice in Linux and have been using it in window as well for consistency.