GitHub On Chromebook?

Hi Everyone!
I reach out to you all for a little bit of help. A friend of mine was coding, and his code got deleted (twice) because he probably clicked something wrong, and he couldn’t get it back. It was frustrating for him. We talked to our coach, and he told us about GitHub and how we could view our previous versions. I’m confused on how it works though. Would someone please walk me through it?
Thank you so much in advance!

You will find dozens of tutorials on using git if you search google.

Just not sure it’s going to be easy to use on a chromebook

Also, does not work well with block coding.


To run git, you’ll probably want to use a Windows or Linux machine with Vexcode Pro or PROS for programming robots. How to do so is already pretty thoroughly documented.


Alright! Sounds good! Thanks for the help everyone!