Github with PROS

Can someone make a video or something else to show how to use GitHub with pros. I have tried to learn GitHub in general and try to use it in pros but couldn’t quite understand it. So any help would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance

I connected them a while ago, so I’m a bit fuzzy on the details, but just searching how to connect Github to Atom should help. Here’s a video that might help:

I have written a tutorial here which I hope answers your questions. Let me know if you have any issues figuring it out!

I am a fan of git kraken.

It is a Gui instead of the complicated command line interface.

So i tried doing the .gitignore thing but it doesnt work for some reason. There are still 684 files there. Any suggestions?

Is there a file exactly named


in your project folder? Are there a whole bunch of files with weird symbols in them in the git panel? The gitignore file should get rid of those, but it will still keep all the necessary PROS header files.
There is still a substantial amount of files in a PROS project, so I would not be surprised if all 684 files are supposed to be there. Those files consist of all the PROS headers, OkapiLib headers, and LVGL headers.

Yes everything is correctly that and now i have 894 files

you are way over thinking this.
I just created a new pros project and then a new git repo inside. There were 635 files, most are the cquery database files, you don’t want to put those under version control. so a simple .gitignore file will exclude those, also exclude the build output.


now I have 202 files that would be committed. excluding the PROS firmware and include files like this.


drops that down to 8

You are almost doing it right.
You need the .gitignore file in your project folder, not src
Move the file up one folder.

Now theres 211 files

Yep, that’s exactly what you want.
Those are files you actually want to track.

oh ok

Yeah I need to simplify my .gitignore =)
It is currently the default supplied by github + the .vscode dir and other PROS files.


is a good one to exclude from git.