Giving advice during match play

How does everyone feel about coaches giving their students advice during a match? I was under the impression that we should let our students do their thing during match play and only talk with them between matches. I ask because I witnessed a coach doing this at a tournament.


This is listed under the examples for VRC is a student-centered program. in the Game Manual:

As with a lot of things, there is gray area here. It may be the case of an over-eager coach. If you were the EP or a ref, finding an opportunity to gently guide the coaches attention to the rule would be appropriate. If you were another coach or just spectating, then leading by example is probably the best thing to do. As an EP myself, I would not be offended if someone brought something like that to my attention so I could at least keep an eye on it.


With three students allowed in the driver’s station, one of them should be the coach. At competition, it’s time for Adults to watch from the stands, or even better, volunteer at the event.


I try to volunteer as much as I can so I stay out of everyone’s hair!


While our team is in IQ, this rule also applies. When it comes to competition day, the kids are expected to run the day, figuring out their alliances, match times, driver rotations/pairs, when to do skills/autonomous. Adults are usually in the stands watching and recording the matches on their phones. My job on competition day is to take pictures.


Referees used to warn the teams about getting advice from the spectators outside the alliance station. The rationale is that all drive team members need to be in the alliance station, all drivers need to meet definition of student, and then there can only be at most three drive team members. If the advice from outside the alliance station, the team gets a DQ for one of the reasons above as the person is acting like a member of the drive team and violate one of the conditions of drive team (too many, not student, or outside alliance station).

Usually a stern warning gets the message across.

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