Giving up worlds invite

What happens if a team declines an invite to worlds? Like does it flow down skills?

Is this just a curiosity question or r u actually considering this


It flows down skills. Typically the RECF will start at the top of the world skills scores and invite teams that are not already registered.

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We are actually Considering it

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I’d assume it goes down the waitlist, not the world skills rankings.


It goes back in the wider pool. Does not go down in the same state. A few years back something similar happened in Virginia. A team qualified for worlds but did not register. Their spot did not go to the next team in skills. It was lost to Virginia.

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Not going back to that region is my biggest hate on RECF’s computer system. I get that a Delmarva team can’t go due to many reasons. But to have that slot bounce to someone out of my region makes me unhappy. Not sure why RECF can’t drill down to the next skills team in my region to pick to go. This should be an easy peasy thing, but it has no traction in RECF coding priority.

On the plus side I like to think that all my declines go to @meng :slight_smile:


Why would meng get all your spots? Or is this humor?

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I suppose this could mean humor


Thanks for the offer!
And now our latest concern is whether USA will ban Singapore from entering due to the virus… lol…

Well… maybe most of the times during worlds, most teams prefer to have us as their alliances (than to play against us).

Edit: @Sylvie - no worries… but wait list spots normally don’t go to the international teams, for logistic and practical reasons.
But I do agree with @Foster , it will be nice if the 1st priority can be given to the state or region.


Lol, I think that was from my school.