Gladstone: December 12

Over 50 teams, international competition, and teams flying in from the East Coast?

Who’s getting excited about this one? It is quite possibly the biggest robotics tournament ever held in Western Canada.

I know I am :slight_smile: Im not even sure how our school is going to jam 50 teams inside =/

:open_mouth: 50 teams?!
better expand your pits :wink:
never knew the gladstone competition was THIS big…
hope we’ll have this much people at our school next year when we host a competition
just gimmie a hint:
did team 721 (TBA) redesign their whole robot?
(like they did last year)
it might look like a massive beast again :frowning:
good luck to all :):):slight_smile:

That includes 12 teams teams from Washington and two from Virginia.

I know Exothermic teams are pumped.

Some bad news – five members of Team 10D, one of the Exothermic teams, were involved in two separate auto accidents on icy roads this morning. All five students are “OK” according to a teacher of theirs, but they are understandably shook up. At least one car was totaled, so these weren’t just little fender-benders.

Right now, it’s not clear that they will be able to attend the tournament this weekend. Please join us in sending our thoughts and prayers to these students and their families.

Hope they are all well and ok :slight_smile:

LoL if I said anything they might cut off my fingers : o

We only have one person driving the robot.
Why so eager to know? 4 days of waiting can’t hurt.

We hope all the students are okay, and that they’ll be able to join us for a great day of competition on Saturday.

Sorry to hear about this. I hope that all involved is ok, and that hopefully they can attend this weekend.


I’m going to watch. I haven’t been to any of the competitions yet this year.

Wow. Two seperate crashes… I hope all five are doing well. If they aren’t able to make it to Gladstone we know we’ll see them in top form again later this year.

And without knowing any details othen than that one of the cars was totalled... I'd be willing to guess that at least one or two of these students just had their lives saved by engineers!

We often think of the medical profession as saving lives… and they do a great job of it, don’t get me wrong… but without crumple zones, roll cages, airbags, auto-locking seatbelts, collapsible steering wheels and all the other modern safety features (let alone high traction tires, careful road design, anti-lock brakes, etc.) there often isn’t much left for the paramedics, doctors and nurses to work on. This VEX stuff might be fun… but the lessons you learn “playing” today might save lives in the future.
</preaching to the converted>

We’ve got five teams coming from Thompson this time, as well as a couple massive rebuilds from teams that did pretty well in Seattle, so it will be almost like five new machines from here.

But what I want to know is does anyone have a catpult/launcher/flinger/thrower/chucker working yet? And what did 1107 do to make that great lift of theirs even better?

you should have seen them today
2 days left untill the competition and they completely destroyed an axle
he should post the pics soon
our mentor is going to have a fit when he finds out :slight_smile:
other than that…
their design is better?
they have a higher avg score and their autonomous is also better than the original
just a heads up :slight_smile:
1107b’s robot (ours) is comming along pretty well too
it might not look as impressive as 1107, but we have a higher score avg and our autonomous is also a mean machine >=]
it’ll be interesting to see all the “bots that cant even drive” turn into competitive “fighting machines” :wink:
see you all there

Man, I remember when I was doing that stuff when we destroyed an axle it’d just be like look in the spare parts and find another one. We were lucky

Fortunately, they are all feeling better, but they are going to skip Gladstone. Only nine Exothermic teams…

Only one of our robots will be what you saw at Redmond. (cough not Seattle cough)

10Z’s catapult which didn’t work very well at Redmond works much better now. I don’t know about 1107A, but based on what I saw tonight, keep your eye on 10Q (“Salsa”: the former 417 all-girl team), 10B (“AI3”: middle school boys), and 10Z (“Billy Mays”: 418 last year). The others haven’t done enough testing for me to have an opinion yet, except 575. I’m not supposed to talk about 575 (but it’s not a radical design). I CAN say that 575 may change their nickname to “Pink Sparkle Fairy Unicorn.”

Looking forward to seeing 575 and their 17.5’’ cube of pink steel meandering around the ring.

Our robot is more or less ready a record > THREE < days before competition!
All that’s left to do is one more optional autonomous and get our lone driver some more practice. As for design… KIS,S.

Considering how many places we have the code saved, it’ll be very unlikely that we will have a situation like last year where we static’d the laptop the day before the competition and corrupted our data. KIS,S indeed, our bot is probably 2/3 the weight of our bot last year.

when i say destroyed i mean DESTROYED
it literally turned into a drill bit :stuck_out_tongue:
and it was a center piece too
they had to cut it in half and (after taking apart half the robot) whench thw whole thing out
the team leader almost stayed up all night replacing the axle (kinda ;))

Is there going to be video of the matches? I’m interested in seeing the progress of the Northwest teams since the Jumpstart tourney. It should be interesting.

And I thought seven days before was good… I’m excited to see how it turns out.

I doubt there will be streaming coverage but I will try to get some video up on Youtube.

Me, too. You’ll be glad to hear that Tyler’s team (was 418, now 10Z) now has their catapult working well enough that even people NOT standing next to our practice field have to wear eye protection. :slight_smile: With all the latex they have added since Jump Start, I’m surprised the thing doesn’t fold in half. Javid has come back as a mentor (Javid, Tyler, and Josh were the drive team for 418 last year at Worlds) to help the team get their robot finished.

Light, scattered snow showers forecast for tomorrow. What would robots in the Pacific Northwest be without crummy weather?

Free of rust, perhaps?:rolleyes:


All metal shipped to the Northwest is stainless steel or aluminum. This reduces the rust factor…:rolleyes:

I thought that all of the Exothermics were TYler’s team.

Uh, a really nice place to live, like Hawaii…