Glasses with Sideguards

In the game manual, it states that teams must wear safety glasses or glasses with side guards on them. Those of us with poor vision really hate having to wear safety glasses over glasses, but last year at Worlds I saw people with plastic attachments on the sides of their glasses, and this counted as glasses with side guards. Does anyone know where I might find these attachments?


Just do a web search on “safety glasses side guards.” I found a bunch of links by doing this. Mine were made by Safety Optical (they fit my wire frames fine), but there are lots of manufacturers.

Make custom ones out of polycarbonate!

If you do make your own sideguards, I hope they’re secure and actually protect your eyes. I’m not sure how necessary safety glasses are with remote controlled robots, but if they are, you don’t want them to come off with a poke.

Haha, last year I made some out of some bits of a clear turkey sandwich container. They were pretty sturdy, although they were never tested against flying objects. I decided that this year I should look into something a little more professional and more legal.

We have a whole bag full somewhere, If we find them we will have some extra’s. Look us up if you don’t find any before the event. I will likely wear my contacts and safety glasses so I won’t need my set.

Thanks! This is one of the things I love about VRC: Everyone is always willing to help each other.