Glimpse Inside IFI - JVN's Desk

Hi All,
Curious what the VEX offices inside IFI look like? Here is a sneak peek:

Nothing too exciting. More to come…

John, I think we have the same mouse - Logitech MX Revolution.

And I also own a 3dconnexion 6-axis mouse, difference is I have the SpaceNavigator, which is cheaper…

The rear-view mirror is a nice touch, great for seeing sneaky co-workers. And of course, the (apparently lethal) NERF gun is for shooting those sneaky co-workers.

I like the VM running on the Mac-Book. That’s one way to get around a corporate filter. :slight_smile: Ok, I doubt that’s it’s purpose, but it’s fun to speculate.

I love this idea. So I’ll share mine… but in a different topic.


I see a rack and roll tube and some nice blue banners, though I have trouble believing that 5 is all…?

I like the magnet board.

If it’s not too much to ask, how does the internship program work?

We exclusively hire Robowranglers as HS interns. They work part time during the school year, and “full” time in the summer (4 days a week on average). Our interns range in age from HS Sophmores to graduated Seniors. All of these interns are EXTREMELY sharp (we pick some of the most talented Robowranglers to offer jobs) some of whom can almost do the work of full engineers.

In the past, we’ve had a few college summer interns and have talked about having more in the future.

Most of our previous college interns were part of a “try before you buy” philosophy where our owners would ask you to intern as a 3-month interview for a full-time position.

I was an IFI intern in between my Junior and Senior years at Clarkson University, and started full time at IFI after I graduated in May 2005.


wow it looks cool better than any other offices i’ve seen=D

Ahhh exclusively robowranglers. What skill sets do the interns have an opportunity to learn?

Internships are great opportunities.

I think however that the aim of Vex is to encourage students to gravitate past the Vex program into engineering opportunities. In simple terms, the goal isn’t for everyone in the Vex program to work at Vex, the goal is to produce engineers to accomplish tasks all around the world!

Because of Vex and FIRST I’ve been able to intern at both Harris and Northrop Grumman, both of which are experiences that I really enjoyed and grew from, not to mention being paid was nice.

I also learned that earning minimum wage blows, that’s why I’m enrolled in college! :slight_smile:

Seriously, don’t settle for less, go to college.


Hey John,

I can’t see any of those waterproof units you have us testing. Can you post pictures of that development part of your desk or is it over the wall where the FIRST life ring is?


Ok new question, what do you have to do to become a Robowrangler? :wink: The internship program sounds like a great opportunity and they have produced some really cool stuff from what i have seen on your blog.


  1. Be in high school.
  2. Move to Greenville, Texas.
  3. Join the team.

It probably wouldn’t hurt to send 20 pounds of barbecue to IFI, either.

If I though sending Philly style barbecue to IFI in Texas would earn me points I’d done that a long time ago. :rolleyes:

I know what barbecue is, and I know what Philadelphia is; but Philly style barbecue just doesn’t make any sense - Maybe Foster forgot to run spell check? - :wink:

It tastes almost as good as that famous Greenville Cheesesteak sandwich.

lol lol :slight_smile: