Global Skills Ranking #9 and #16 not invited for Worlds?

Hi @DanMantz

Sorry that I am addressing this to you. Simply because I have no idea who else can I approach.

8059X and 8059J are currently ranked #9 and #16 respectively.
But to date, we still have not receive the invites.

We have approached our Regional Support Manager prior to this post. And she has no idea why we have not receive the invites as well.
And according to her, she tried contacting REC but no one was picking up her call, and there is no reply to her email as well.

Currently, according to robotevents, there are 7 slots left for HS Worlds, and the deadline is coming really soon.

So I really hope to get the invites asap.
I don’t want to think that there is anything more sinister than just a careless mixed up or slipped from the REC.


@meng, were you able, at least, to register your other teams from the top 35 list?

I hope 564 is not the hard limit and all eligible teams could make it to Worlds.

There is also a team from our state (it is not CA) that should have qualified through skills. They were pretty excited when another team double qualified at States, but I still don’t see them on the list of registered teams: 2018 VEX Robotics World Championship - VEX Robotics Competition High School Division : Robot Events

There is a chance that more invitations have not been sent out out yet. I feel bad for those teams.

Well… I can register the rest of the teams first. But it doesn’t make a difference - REC should still be issuing invites for 8059X and J.

I can understand if double qualifications might require a bit more time to process, but for this case, it is straightforward. TOP 35 teams get the invites. And if I am not wrong, all the TOP 35 teams (minus 8059x and j) have already gotten their invites.

@meng Did you try to log into robot events, then go to the HS Worlds event, then try the dropdown with your teams in it and see if they show up to register? You may be approved without the email.

Let me try looking at that…


Looks like this is getting worse…

According to robotevents, 8059x and j do not qualify for worlds!?

Ermm… I really hope someone from REC can rectify this issue… or at least, say something.


@meng You might consider emailing Dan Mantz directly. I don’t believe he checks this forum much without notice via other means.

[email protected]


Just emailed him. Guess I have done all that I could… now it is really waiting for rec to reply me.

Looks like none of the Singapore middle school teams that qualified through skills are registered. There were 6 of them. This is sort of weird.

From meng Q&A post “I am waiting for the invites for these 2 teams to come in so that I can register my team en masse.”

so it may be that he waiting for an answer to do a bulk registration.

The 6 MS teams and 8059D and A got their invites.

The only 2 outstanding are 8059X and J, which is odd.
I really can’t think of a reason why these two teams are listed as “not qualified” under robotevents.

I hope it is just an admin error and hope REC will sort it out on time.
That two teams are already 3/4 done with their worlds’ robots… and we even booked for their air tickets, etc.

Meanwhile… Still waiting for someone from REC to communicate with us…

@meng I understand wanting to register all the teams together, but it would be a shame to not have some of the teams there because they did not register in time. I would recommend registering all the teams that can be registered now and continue fighting for the other two teams. I know 8059Z is already registered. Are you also connected to the 6 MS teams? If so, it would be good to get them registered while waiting to get the issues with the other two resolved.

I am sure this has been a very stressful year for the RECF and Vex with the roll out of V5 that everyone was expecting last year and the 62A controversy and the GDC recently contradicting itself and there being so many new faces at and near the top.

Hope all this gets resolved soon.

We had to wait almost two weeks for our skills invites after Florida middle IQ. I was in contact with my rec rep throughout the entire time and they were doing everything they could.

It does seem like a central office is going through some changes. There will be problems with any transition, but I believe in the end we will be better off. Already looking forward to next year and I hope these things can get smoothed out.

We kind of have the opposite problem in my school. The credit card swipes can only be up to 2,500. So with the five teams I was registering we had to do three different transactions. Kind of a pain but we got it to work.

Looking at the full team list for Worlds, 8059X is on there, but not 8059J. Just putting that out there.


Dan Mantz replied me (and I really appreciate that)… he has redirected my email to one of his staff.

So looks like things are moving… a bit… at least one more team is back on… let’s hope 8059J will be a matter of time.

For Singapore, Teachers are not allowed to use credit card for online transactions (some rules on how the government didn’t want civil servants to “profit” from points or rewards we might gained from credit cards purchases… I know it feels dumb).
So we need to rely on our singapore rep to do it for us (he didn’t charge us commission though). So I will give the go-ahead and he will then do the registration.
But I can imagine his reluctance on keep going back to the system for multiple times just for me.

Just checked… nope - both 8059x and j are still not qualified. Think you were looking at 8059z.

It does makes one wonder… is it really that difficult for them (at the admin level) to make the switch in the system?

It appears on my side?

That’s the 2017 link.

…Ah, I’m an idiot. :stuck_out_tongue:

That actually makes a lot of sense. I once had a physics teacher who booked all the robotics team’s worlds trips for one year. He got so many airline miles he was able to get a free four-day vacation for two to Hawaii…