I would like to know the maximum amount of objects that can fit in each goal without going to far over the top of the goal. Can someone try this that has the goals?

Goal__________Maximum Objects:
11.5 ?
20 ?
30 ?


I got about 7 in CAD. (Tube on top of ball on top of tube etc.)

I had posted photos of the 30" goal with objects a few months ago here.

I’ve run driver skills at several scrimmages, and usually the maximum number that you can fit in a 30" goal and then successfully double is 6 (so 7 objects including doubler). I’ve seen someone double a 7-scoring-object goal (so 8 including doubler) only once and for that you need all the objects to be stacked nicely. Sometimes, for example if you were using only balls, the goal would fill up after 6 objects but I haven’t seen that happen much.

For 11.5 it’s 3 (barrel - ball - barrel) but the top barrel can and probably will be knocked off very easily.

For 20" i think it’s about 4 (any orientation) or 5 (nicely stacked).

there is a nice program written by the green machhhhine team here:
that should answer all your questions

never mind i checked it out after posting it and realized you can put as many objects as you want in any goal
sorry about the false alarm

Here is a rough office autoshapes diagram I worked out with object dimensions as soon as the game was announced (before we got our starter kit). Most of the arrangements are completely random. But they confirm Vex Mundi’s empirical results for the goals.


Thanks guys!