Godlike Speed Racing

Have you ever wondered about NASCAR, but it’s NASBOT? I don’t mean to flex, but our robot is faster than Lightning Mcqueen…



But in all seriousness, that would be an epic competition. It would be even better if it was more like Death Race and the robots would eliminate the other robots to get into first.

Imagine tools absolutely destroying other robots and then that one Chinese robot had a flask of Corona Virus and sprayed it on the other robots…

what a rip


Table this until after Worlds and then open up VEX racing. Build some rules like

  1. One battery
  2. One brain
  3. 5 motors
  4. Need to race 50 feet from a standing start and stay in a 10’ lane (standard hallway).
  5. Prize for Auto, one for driver. Crashing takes you out. On your honor to run 2-3 races in order and post the best time.
    … or something like this.
    Special award for going airborne and crashing through the door at the end of the hall more than 4’ off the floor. (Just kidding) but maybe points for auto stops.

We send videos of our runs (and of course the carnage)

PM me, I can put together some VEX gift certs.

I don’t want to loose focus for the next two months, but then I’m up.


Sounds like a plan to me, what about you @darkness, you up for creating the first-ever VEX racing competition.


So the meta is just rectangles with 4 wheels

This made of aluminum


No, Meta is a thin rectangle with two motors on a 1:300 gear ratio driving 5 across wheels on both sides.

No, meta would also involve steering.
Hitting others and maki g them crash should be legal too :wink:


How do you drive it?

There could be just sharp pieces flying everywhere… Destroying other bots…

With the controller?

Why stop at 1:300?


600 RPM * 300 gear ratio is 180,000 RPM. 4" wheel has a 12" circumference or 1’

60 seconds in a minute. Assuming perfect grip 3,000 fps when it gets to full speed. That’s Mach 2.5 more or less.

Not sure that the bearing blocks would hold up.

I’ll leave it to the other math people to figure out the G forces


Meta would be a huge potential energy battery with stretched rubber bands that would release at the start and instantly accelerate the robot


Just over support it and hope for the best

that would be dope. any way to put NOS (nitrous) into vex bots?

No need to add Nitrous oxide to the robot, people will already be laughing at the event.

And for what it’s worth Nitrous oxide only works for Internal Combustion engines.


I wouldn’t mind seeing a drag race type thing for VEX GO, as an entry level competition for young roboteers. It’d be a good way to get young kids interested while also preparing them for VEX IQ and EDR.


Use linear slides that can be below with a button and have insane rubber banding force. Put then at about a -5 degree angle and then launch.

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