Godlike Speed Racing

Make a chassis that’s in two parts and connect them with like 20 pneumatic pistons that launch one side of the chassis to the other side and then compress to bring the other side. You’d probs need a mechanism that grounds one side of the robot so it doesn’t move before it needs to

Imma just go to Office Depot and buy their whole entire stock…

You would take hours to accelerate…

“Hey uh, can I get all the stuff u got?”
“Uhm, sure?”

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“What’s it for?”
“Just know that all of them will be broken or stretched out by the end of the day”


“And, he’s going for first, pushes 39239x out of the way, oh, 39239x takes out the alien blaster, it appears to be reloading… Oh and POW! 49693420z takes out it’s own blaster, reloads, and shoots 39239x ’ s wheel! 49693420z takes first place, and they win the Olympic NASBOT Racing, and set a world record of 35 laps in 7 minutes and 49.293582 seconds!”


Hmmm… one torque motor wouldn’t be able to turn each wheel… but 5 would! (20 ports on a brain!) and I’m assuming at this point the base would be way outside of 18in.

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I already have some support, so like… no they won’t laugh at us…


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