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Does anyone know if there is a way to make a robot go faster without changing the motor or putting on a gear ratio? Any and all suggestions welcome.

Make sure that you set the motors to 100% power, torque, and speed in code. Other than that, you need to swap motor cartridge’s or implement a gear ratio.


We have blue motors and we have set the code to 100% if you have any other suggestions I would love to try them please give them to me before Thursday next week because I have a completion then

If you have everything set to 100% in the code, then the only way to make the output faster is to do a gear ratio. If you are doing this for a flywheel, you could try the “no-cartrige” method, which removes the gear reduction inside the motor, and turns the motor into 3600 rpm. There are multiple resources about the no-cartrige method, just use the search bar.

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Reduce the weight of the robot, such as by using aluminum metal instead of steel.

Gearing is probably your best bet, but if you have space, larger wheels will help. Most teams that have competed for more than one year find that smaller wheels are better in terms of center of mass, and thus have more motors on their drivetrain and higher gear ratios. Everything else that has been said here also contributes to your robot’s speed.


You can try to reduce friction. Make sure your have bearings, ensure that your spacing is correct, make sure your chassis is aligned, etc

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Thanks for the helpful info I’ll try all of this on Monday

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