Going on opponent parking platfroms

Are we allowed to go on the opposing teams parking platform? I was wondering if it would be possible to stay on their platform to prevent them from parking.

I would assume you aren’t; as of <SG3>:

Note that specifies during auton, not necessarily also in driver


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This seems to indicate that maybe you can not park on your opposing teams platform. Or it means that you don’t receive a score by parking on your opponent’s platform. May have to add this question to the official Q&A.

I don’t think it violates any of the rules to be on the opposing platform to do what the OP says. There was a question on the QA about pushing an opponent off of their alliance park. I believe that is a more extreme case of what you are asking. Here is the ruling:

"In short, would it be legal to push an opposing robot off their alliance tile/platform in an non-destructive manner?

There are no rules prohibiting this, for either the Alliance Platform or an Alliance Starting Tile. The note in is included because pushing a Robot off of the Alliance Platform carries with it a significant amount of risk that the Robot will tip over or become otherwise damaged."

So basically, yes you can, but if the opponent tips over or is damaged as a result then it is a G12 violation