Going to 2014 Worlds?

There are many messages throughout the forum of teams going to the World Championship this year (2014). I just wanted to try to start a thread to allow teams attending, to introduce themselves.

I coach team 10256, an elementary school team from Indiana.


We are Team 7008A, elementary school in Puerto Rico. You can also check our website: adianezrobotics.com

Hey there. 1, 2, 3 Robot! - Team 3333P will be coming from Marist Academy in Pontiac, Michigan. Looking forward to meeting everyone and having fun!


I coach a middle school team from Indianapolis, Indiana 10272. You can check us out on our website: http://www.paramountindyrobotics.org/

Team 952F is coming! We are a team from a middle school from Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland. Hope we all have fun in California!

Team 7036A is coming to!!

I Coach The Pinky Nerds from Washburn School at Ponce, Puerto Rico!!! (Elementary School)

Our First Time at Worldsssssss… Hope to meet all of You!!!


Armando, how is NY? Is the BFI truck still alive?

See you soon in Anaheim, I arrive to LA on Friday, when do you arrive at Anaheim? We are planning on going to San Diego Zoo on Tuesday, and some of East Point members are also going with us. Let us know if you wanna to join us.

Hey All, we are Team 3615 “Triangle Tigers” from Triangle, VA. We are on twitter @triangle3615. We are an elementary team as well. Considering we had to play against all middle school teams, we are proud to have made it here!

My plan, I hope, is to get pics of everyone’s bots to share with our IQ community for us all to learn from for the upcoming years. After all, we (collective we) are the template for VEX IQ since it is new.