Going to Another State's championship?

My team is from New York. We were pulled out of our state championships cause our superintendent thought 2 inches of snow was too much for a bus to handle.

Are we allowed to go to another state championship, like maybe New Jersey or Pennsylvania?

I would reach out to your state’s RECF representative.

Eastern pa is done, Western might be open though.However I don’t know if it is allowed, you should ask this on the official Q&A, or contact your regional manager.

I’d check with your regional manager ASAP, not the QA.

Near as I can tell you won’t be able to go to another state. Each state is allocated so many slots, if you came to Delmarva (my region) and one, you would be taking one of our slots, adding to New York.

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In the Qualifying Criteria, it says you can only qualify for the Championship in your own State/Province/Region.

State/Province/Country Championships are closed to teams outside of that State/Province/Country. Some regions may have States/Provinces that band together to hold a Regional Championship. When that is the case, only teams from that region may attend that Regional Championship

But @Foster is correct, it will be better to have your coach contact your REC Regional Support manager.

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