Going up ramp

Does anyone have experience with 4m drive and 3.25" omnis for going up ramp? Our ratio is 5:3 speed, on green cartidge. Would this be enough to ramp with two mogos? Just curious to see if we need to change gear ratios.

Going up any slope (or ramp for this case) is more than just about gear ratio.
You will also need to consider your weight distribution and CG of the robot.


our weight distrubution is fairly good, though a bit tippy with the big yellow, tends to fall forward, would this be a huge problem?

Hard to say.
A video of the robot going up will help a lot.

And also, the position of the front wheels matter too. Depending on the position, some times the front wheels might also be lifted off as the robot hits the ramp.

There are really a lot of factors. So it is really not just the gear ratio.


I used to run 360 rpm on 3.25s with 4m drive and it isn’t that great, my robot burned out fast and wasn’t able to go up the ramp at all. About a month ago I switched to 257 rpm on 4 in wheels and it has been much better. I can park with two goals and haven’t burned out yet.

Your chassis likely isn’t strong enough unless your bot is very light. Make sure you also don’t have any low metal or plastic that hits the mats and stops you from climbing.

I used to have a 4 moter chassis with 3.25" wheels for my AMOGO build, and I couldn’t even park with 2, I could only park with one. You might want to consider traction, the size of your wheels, changing your gear ratio, or changing your motor cartridges.

It works. My team is using a slightly faster ratio at 3:5 600 rpm cartridges (360 rpm) on 3.25 in wheels as well, and we are able to climb with 2 goals. There is some spinning of the wheels due to lack of traction, but it manages to climb just fine.

We use 6 wheels: 4 Omni, 2 traction.

Edit: We use 4m drive. No burning out issues whatsoever.