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Hi, I’ve been doing Vex Edr for quite a while now since “In the Zone”. Usually, my team builds a robot and then we realize it doesn’t work at one part and then have to take that part off. Planning and using a CAD would be super helpful to figure out these things early. The only problem is that I can’t find good software to build my robot on my mac.

Mac Specs (early 2015 MacBook air)

Core i5 dual-core 1.6Ghz
8gb of ddr3 1600Mhz
Intel HD graphics 6000 1536 MB

Please help.


You could try Autodesk Fusion 360, though with your specs its going to be a bit rough in pretty much any CAD program.


Fusion 360 is probably gonna be your best option. And here’s a link to the parts library for Fusion:

I also do CAD on an almost 6 year old Mac and it can be pretty rough. Just make sure you quit all other applications before opening fusion and it’s actually not too bad. Definitely not great though. If you have access to school computers that might be a better option but you can make it work on your computer. (There will be lag and long loading times though)


You could try using OnShape, which is a commercial CAD package, started by the founders of Solidworks, that runs through a browser. The processing is all done on the OnShape servers, so your local computer isn’t so important. More information here: CAD for VEX Robotics.pdf (299.7 KB)


So I use a 2019 15” MacBook Pro with the i9-9900K and it’s able to run fusion like a breeze. However, the 1.6 i5 on the air, while it may be able to run fusion, your device will thermal throttle

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very true, many times I open this forum it starts blowing like crazy

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You could try selling the Mac and buying a different computer. I think you’ll be able to run google sketch up though.

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