Good CAD Rendering Options?

I use Autodesk Inventor 2017 to create the CAD Drawings for my team. While I am able to create great CAD drawings, I have not yet found a lighting style in Inventor Studio that looks realistic and professional.

Does anybody have any lighting styles, settings, or backgrounds that can be used to create a realistic and professional-looking render to go in our engineering Notebook?

Solidworks or Autodesk Fusion 360. I think. Both of those look really realistic.

This does not answer the question at hand. @Riley asked about lighting styles, etc., not software choices.

You’re looking to print the renders, correct?
If so, saving ink/toner by not printing a background would be preferred, correct?

I just use the ray trace option and the warehouse background, it’s not terrible but if you needs better results than this you will need to switch to something like 3ds Max.

okay nvm then

Yes, It would, but it’s no big loss if I can’t do this.

For some reason I can’t turn on ray-tracing?