Good head start ROBOTC Tutorials

I am trying to learn ROBOTC, so I can learn two things at one time, but, I want to know some good head start tutorials. I have already looked at the ROBOTC website for basic things and I just want to see some good basic tutorials on anything, mainly relating to wheels.

If anybody can provide links to tutorials and whatnot, that’d be great!

Just to make sure, you are using the 393 system, correct? It would be bad if you learned robotc to code v5.

Yes, I am using the 393 system.

This should be good. It’s been a while since I’ve watched them, but I think it should fit your needs


Looks good. Thank you! I’ll try to get through all of these videos and see if I can learn anything.

Good luck!

20 char sucks

However RobotC is slowly getting replaced by Vexcode, since very few people still use Cortex, V5 is a much easier to use system.

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