Good Idea?

would it be a good idea to have a DR4B, or another tallish lift and on the end, putting a lightweight ball intake and horizontal punch mechanism, so that you could intake the ball off the ground, drive over to the edge of the expansion zone, lift up to the height of the flags and launch the ball. you could also then put some sort of cap intake up there as well. would this be good? my main concern is weight.

I’d imagine the cycle time on that would be a pain, in addition to additionally accuracy concerns. It’s certainly something to consider, it’s not like there’s a meta yet

Well, this would solve several problems: First, you wouldn’t need to make your lift small because you wouldn’t need any more space on the robot for a launcher/ball intake. Second, it allows you to aim the launcher at the higher flags with a linear puncher.
This also presents several problems: You haven’t decreased the number of mechanisms required, but your lift now has to support significantly more weight and might need an extra motor. You can only score flags from the expansion zone. You have to run your lift up and down every time you want to intake balls, drastically reducing your fire rate.
In terms of weight, you would probably be good with a two motor drive, two motor lift, one motor ball intake, one motor puncher, one motor cap intake, one motor cap flipper. Not having played with v5 personally, I can’t really determine if you would need more than that on the lift.
It’s definitely a feasible idea, but it would probably be more efficient to find a way to aim from the ground.