Good lift for a dumper bot

My team and I are trying a dumper bot but a one bar is too weak and a 4 bar cannot go backwards. Any ideas?

2 bar ?

a 4 bar can go backwards, if it is made irregular.

That’s what we have as well.

that’s all you really need

Our six bar is able to go backwards, with a lexan backing on the dumper.

Inverted 6 bar?

Yah maybe an irregular 4 bar with like idk sliding rails or something?

I think an Irregular 4 bar would be a good idea, I have seen many great dumping robots with one. A team in my high school did something similar to it. They also had a Vex Hinge for some good unfolding action for the dumper.
I am pretty sure it’s possible to have a higher lift and have it dump with the help of hinges.

Good lift for a dumper bot?
This one’s pretty much a direct driven catapult!
It’s a 2 bar lift powered by a 4 bar linkage.

I used a two bar and it worked well