Good Luck on AP Tests

Not strictly robotics related and I know they’ve already started but good luck to anybody taking AP tests. I’m have Human Geo tmw and Bio next week and ngl I’ve been kinda worried. Just wanted to create this thread so we could suffer together. :blush:


Not taking any yet I’ll have them next year but good luck!


Looking at the responses to collegeboard, we are all gonna need it😦


I have my first one tomorrow and 3 more after that… I’m kinda curious to see what other classes vex competitors take. It’d provide at least a little bit of insight into the knowledge gap that currently exists.


AP World History next week. RIP international students, we have to take AP exams 2AM in the morning

Why did I pay 93$ just for a 45 min hit or miss exam.


My school just gave up. no tests for this boi


Have AP Human Geo today. I’m finding it extremely difficult not to check the vexforum and discord instead of studying. Good luck!


Good luck! I have APUSH on Fri so good luck to all the APUSH students here


Just took AP latin and 2 out of the 5 students had website issues so just make sure that you give your self enough time to submit,

Good luck to you guys but I’m homeschooled so I’m just gonna be chilling out here writing 100-page fanfics and cramming for the 1 class that I actually do have. ;D But seriously, I wish you all the best.


good luck everyone

make sure to reward your self with some cosmic brownies after your tests lol


Anyone take the APHG test? What did you think?

Just finished. Easier than I thought it would be but I don’t want to say much until they release the questions to the public. Just to be safe.

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You’re allowed to discuss the questions immediately after the test is over.

edit: NOPE


I also thought it was easy.

Wait a minute. Pardon my question as I am going to be a freshmen next year, can’t you just look up answers online during your AP that you take online? I mean not that anyone would I am just curious as how to college board assessed this problem.

For these take-home tests College Board is allowing us to use our notes/books. But this has not been allowed in the past, and I 100% doubt that this will be allowed in the future.

But then why do you need to study if you are allowed textbooks/notes?

They said that it would not be worthwhile to look stuff up. Also, the exams are 45 minute long this year.

and what was the time in years past?