Good Robots Playlist

Hello Everyone,
I was wondering if anyone has any good playlists of music for Robotics Practice. Frankly, we’re starting to get tired of Darude Sandstorm and Safety Dance on repeat. So if anyone has any good playlist or song suggestions please reply!

Right now, I’m making a shortlist of songs to maybe use on a speaker during auton, but I suppose they would apply. Note that the more prominent forces in playlist production are rock fans.

  1. Led Zeppelin-kashmir
  2. Iron Maiden-the trooper
  3. Judas Priest-electric eye
  4. Coldplay- viva la vida
  5. Metallica- for whom the bells toll
  6. Queen- bicycle race
  7. Rush- Bastille day
    And yes, Darude Sandstorm is under consideration.
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Tunak Tunak Tun and Let The Bodies Hit The Floor would be great

867-5309/Jenny is my teams favorite to listen to at practice.

Alan Walker Radio on Pandora

White noise.

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Harvey Danger’s album Little by Little: Harvey Danger Downloads

Bring Me to Life by Evanescence and Photograph by Nickelback on repeat.

The most dreaded words for a music selection…

I think you were referring to just this.

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Macintosh Plus
Roundabout by Yes
We Are Number One

This is my teams favorite songs to jam to

Music 2: I guarantee you want be dissipointed by this playlist of 130+ high energy songs

here are some of my favorites from that playlist:

Aero Chord Boundless
Aero Chord 4u
Nitro Fun Cheat Codes
Aero Chord Surface
Aero Chord Time Leap
Nightcore Virus
Zenpaku Paradisus Paradoxum
Flash Funk Marshmello Remix

Orange Paste

Almost anything by Aero Chord
I Keep Holding On
Kazoo Kid
Spooky Scary Skeletons

If you’re a VEX participant then you cannot ever get tired of Darude-Sanstorm

We created this playlist for tournaments that our club hosts:

Sixteen hours of German EDM?