Good strategies for new competitors

my first tournaments are coming up in January, I want to know some strategies from the pros, experienced, and some that have played a few.

1: Read the rulebook and pass the referee certification exam if you can.
2: READ THE RULEBOOK. Know the definition of terms like pinning, elevated, hoarding, and scored.

Many new teams get blinders on trying to score and wind up touching their teammates elevated platform, or not actually getting the black base of the goal to break the plane of the alliance zone. Even worse, they will wind up drawing 30 point fouls in the last 30 seconds without getting DQ’d and costing their teammate the game.

3: Practice Getting Points!. Practice picking up goals, hoarding one goal while processing others, rapidly grab, and return. Get on the platform.

If this is your actual first competition, make sure you dress your wires well, tighten nuts and collars, and have checklists, but that’s stuff you can learn from all the other threads for first-time competitors.


This is in IQ, so my advise is make sure you read the correct rulebook.