Good team from VA??

Anyone know any upcoming teams that seem to be dominating the middle or high school comps in VA this season?

We’ve had two competitions in the state so far this year. No one’s really dominated as the fields were very different.

Best teams I’ve seen are 1575X, 12A, 12G, 180A, 180X, a few others. It’s a wide open field in HS.

We’ve had one MS event, but some good teams from there were 99157A, 1231C, and some others.

Too early to see dominant teams.

You forgot 1231D

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Yeah, way too early to tell. We haven’t even seen what 177V and semiconductors are bringing this year. It is wide open at this point. And with late V5 deliveries impacting Virginia teams, there are teams that are competing now that could significantly improve by the end of the season. Its anyone’s game at this point.

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Yeah at the first MS comp qualification matches robots were definitely in the early stages of building. Iron bots seemed good I want to to see if I missed any teams.

Three Engineers (middle school) were great at the Nov 11 tournament and already qualified for states. They weren’t there yesterday. Still time for teams to emerge. It is very early in the season.

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@SDvex considering this is early season, there are many teams that haven’t even competed yet, so you have to give it more time to have dominating teams

Mmhmm. I hear some pretty nice high school teams might be coming up on the 8th. Excited to see what comes from that.

I know they’re not in VA, but 24k is definitely a team to watch out for too

1008M is so good, they got skills, tourney champs, and design award at the last tournament.


So exciting. Which teams?

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I am very confused by all these teams mentioned. They only one from Vortex Alliance is 1008M

I think they mean Virginia?

ya know, it’s pretty open to interpretation as OP has literally zero self identifying information


96$&&;9)2) fufiv, be there in an hour. :wink:


There’s a hint of something… unless Vortex is now hosting their own competitions

Why are some people posting posts asking if there are certain excelling teams in their region?

Probably to learn more about their region. I’ve done the same in slightly more private ways to reduce clutter. It’s nice to go to a comp and actually feel like you know people.