Good times

So this year was my last year in MS vex robotics, can’t wait till next year to start with HS robotics.
We lost in semifinals when our battery (somehow) fell off, many feels were felt
I’m seriously happy for all the opportunities and friends I’ve made through robotics.
I wanted to thank you guys (forumers) for helping so much (even if indirectly).


Same, It also was my last MS year, let’s both have four more years of fun in HS Robotics

Thankfully for me, after the success our MS robotics team had, our shoool system wants to create 5 new teams at our high school next year. I will be able to continue robotics with my current team after worlds.

I am a senior and can tell all of you middle school teams that doing VEX has changed my entire high school experience. You learn so many life lessons along with a billion other practical ones. If you stick to it and learn from your mistakes you will be successful! If anyone is going to worlds this year feel free to stop by our pits!

smelly pits