Goofy After 1 Year Work

Hey guys,

After the RI3D was completed, Goofy was worked on all season. I’ve made a CAD of the most recent version of the robot and making it public!

The robot was being worked on up until the cancellation of the World Championship. Its main use was as a scrimmage robot against other teams. Throughout the year, I was experimenting with what would make the robot more or less competitive. An example of this is that I slowed the rollers down to 100rpm to see if it was possible to be competitive with slower rollers.

The most beneficial part of the robot was the clamps. There was two of them, one at the bottom and one higher up. The top clamp was used as an active cube lock. When the tray moved out, both clamps would engage, holding the stack in. The most useful part about this was how the bottom clamp grabbed the middle of the cube, centering it and making sure it didn’t misalign the entire stack. The clamps were made out of bent high strength shaft. The advantages of this can be seen here.

The slider was designed alongside with Lily from 6030J. The goal was to get all of the advantages of a slider (easier flipout), without the down side of it possibly tipping over stacks. We achieved this by having the slider banded out, but held in with a friction lock. Once a cube hit the top of the slider, it would shoot out and lock in place. This can be seen in this video.

6 motor 600rpm 7:3 drive
4 motor 200rpm back roller with 3:5 on the front roller
1 motor 200 rpm 1:7 arm
1 motor 200rpm 1:21 tray
two pneumatic clamps (image of them below)

Here’s a link to the CAD. Extract everything from the zip, then open the file “Goofy Full Assembly.iam” to open it!

Here is a link to the photo album of the robot.


Thank you to everyone who helped and supported me this year, and was just a friend. There’s too many of you to list, but thank you all <3


Goofy still OP. RIP EZ.




Yes, that slider does look familiar

Goooooooooooooofy op!


Thank you for posting the original Ri3D video. It inspired our team to make a traybot and gave us a glimpse of what kinds of robots might pop up later on in the season. :blush: That robot and video is an icon of Tower Takeover. Good luck next year!


Pleasure talking to you during Tower Takeover. The CAD is pretty hot ngl.


Wait, how did you get a 6 motor drive with 4 motor intake rollers?


It’s a goofy math, lol

They are, probably, building bot by the VEXU rules, where there is no 8 motor limit.


This is correct. The lexan is also VERY over high school limit, where the bottom floors of the first and second stage combines leave you about a 1"x12" rectangle to use as leftover. Plus the side walls and slider… it adds up lol. We prototyped all lexan stages at one point, there’s pictures of that in the album.


Wow really like it it has improved a lot, I have very fond memories of watching your video over and over to fine tune the small bit like our joint.