So I’m sure all of you guys know of the goofy robot design. My team is making a similar design and we are having trouble getting our feeder system to stack the cubes. Our problem is that after a couple of cubes, the weight of the cubes is too much for the feeder system. We currently have a small gear ratio for speed on our feeder system but would fearing for torque be the better option here? Also if we have our ramp that holds cubes to tilt farther back that should decrease the effect of gravity that plays on the feeder system, but just give me your guys opinion

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Resting the tray at a shallower angle will make it easier to intake cubes, but it will take more torque to tilt it forward. As for the intake itself, it should have at least a 1:1 gear ratio with a 200RPM gearbox. If it is currently only powered by one motor, use another, and other than that just make sure you minimize friction on every joint.



Also, I believe there is a thread called the geometry of a tilter or something like that. Most tilters are heard 1:7 torque and on a 100 rpm motor

Edit: nvm I was thinking abt the wrong thing

Mine is 1:14 on a 100brom motor. It’s easy to use since its slower

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I made the same mistake, he’s talking abt the intake rollers

I definitely think that you were right on the torque thing though. Definitely believe that a ratio for torque would be more appropriate. Don’t really know why I originally geared for speed


Sorry, can you make a clarification, is this thread regarding the tilter or intake rollers?

The intake rollers. But my problem could be helped by tilting my tilter farther back.

Then don’t fear for torque, gear for speed. You should have a locking/compression mechanism in order to keep the rollers in place. There are 2 threads on this. U should also watch the goofy documentary which explains their locking mechanism in detail

Use a 200 rpm gear cartridge. Hook it up directly to the rollers, no gearing or anything.
My rollers can already suck up 7 cubes without any problem, and could probably take up more if my tray were longer.
It is a simple direct drive, and the intakes are cantilevered.20190818_210625

Its changed quite a bit then, and uses chains now, and still works perfectly fine in the same configuration.