Google Maps
Go there
Got to the top and click on get directions
FROM:New York
TO: London

Scroll down to # 23 and read it
You Can Do It:D

what does this have to do with vex?

i’ll try it anyway!

ha, ha, THAT IS FUNNY!

It was a pretty obvious joke… Funny anyways.

It has nothing to do with vex, that’s why its in the chit-chat section.

greatness!! i think i’ll go for a little swim…:stuck_out_tongue:

i know this is funny but one question is how did you find out about this flaw/error
ppl always find funny things on the web and i never know how in gods name they found it

it only maps directions across the sea from the us to europe:p lol
anywhere else it says it has no directions
go and try if u want but i mean it lol:D

The way i found it was through my bro.
He is a member of another forum where you can find ANYTHING
and he showed it to me.

thats GREAT!!


I think this is great!

lol, thats awsome. ive seen it on myspace before… i think…