Google OpenID 2.0 Issue

The Google OpenID 2.0 has gone away, so I can not log into Google to get access to my Vex IQ programs. What can be done to allow me to get to my programs, until OpenID Connect is put into use?

Hi Lynn,

We have moved to the new OpenID Connect login for Google. Try visiting: We had some users that were using an old alpha testing URL which was pointing to an old version before the switchover so perhaps that’s what happened in your case. Also if you try to use the old editor we kept up to support really old firmware (you get this option if the editor can’t find Modkit Link) , you will no longer be able to log in since that uses the old login. But if you’re using the current editor you should be fine.

Please confirm that you can login at If you have issues at that address try resetting your browser (killing cache/cookies). If that doesn’t work we’ll have to follow up via email to figure out what’s going on.