Google Signature Event

So the signature event at google is currently underway and there are tons of good teams attending. As of now, the stream is about as functional as a decoration and I haven’t seen many matches, but I am curious what trends people have noticed from the matches so far. From what I can tell, the competition supports Conner’s survey. Punchers seem to be the most common design but all ball scoring mechanisms have had success when tuned well. Its really interesting to see how the meta is shifting as we approach the season of state competitions. Anyone else notice any cool details?

it might be worth your while just to watch the stream later.

The signature event was really nice, and I have noticed many things during the event.
The quality was relatively okay, but the fact that they didn’t have two divisions was insanely annoying. Only 40% of the teams made eliminations. The pits and the field room was overly crowded, and many times I’ve been lucky to only bump into people with my robot only 2-3 times, which one time almost damaged the intake. The pits only had 1 field for the 80 teams, so it was CROWDED and had LOTS of static. Back to elimination talk… Holy crap there’s been a lottt of upsets ( ). Jess from 21S in the 8th seed went up against Pigpen and 6627X and won without her partner, the 13th seed beat the 8th seed and the 11th seed beat the 2nd seed in semi-finals, in which the 13th seed beat the 11th seed in finals. There were soooo many upsets in the event which was insane.


I agree, I was underwhelmed by the small field room and the lack of practice fields. As for the eliminations, the 1st see definitely got “Bo1ed” because 6627X’s battery got unplugged in the middle of the match, and Pigpen’s intake happened to break at the same time, leaving 21S to win as the only functioning robot. Otherwise, 1st seed probably would have won. However, the 13th seed definitely deserved the win as 6627A was one of the fastest flag cycle bot, and 448X played relatively good defense. The 1st seed vs 8th seed upset was just very unfortunate for the 1st seed (an excellent example of how BO1 is sometimes a very unfortunate form of eliminations).

Oof. One flag danget. We lost semi’s by one flag. They were some good matches though.

I’ve definitely noticed that punchers and flywheels are starting to pass up Double catapults. Just took some time for people to get them working right.

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The tournament itself was run relatively well- the matches were on schedule, the MC was great, the judging was fair, the refs were (except for one call) totally on it, etc. My only real grievance was that there was only one practice field, but we can’t have it all :stuck_out_tongue:

And because there were so many teams from so many regions, the energy was amazing. It was really cool to meet some of the people I’ve been talking to for months on discord or to see my friends from other states for the first time since last year’s worlds. Definitely my favorite TP event so far.

And as usual, bo1 totally changed the outcome of the tournament and (in my opinion) had a negative impact. But that wasn’t the fault of Google.

On a related note, I was lucky enough to meet Jim Crane (I introduced myself both as Anomaly and by my real name) and he was very gracious with his time and his openness about the RECF’s process. We talked probably for 20 minutes about the RECF, bo1, 3 team alliances, and a few other things. My takeaways were that 3 team alliances were encouraging unethical behavior, playing a bo3 bracket with only 2 alliances is taxing if one of the robots breaks down from playing so many consecutive matches, and bo1 allows upsets and Anomalies :slight_smile: to occur which adds some excitement for the crowd. I might respond to those points at some future time (and frankly I agree with the first two in very large part but I still think bo3 is feasible and preferable), but not here.

Anyhow, overall Google was an awesome experience! Huge thanks to Google and 315 for hosting, to Sharwin for hosting a small scrim the night before, and to the GDC for making signature events a new thing! It wasn’t really a worlds experience, but it was an amazing one nevertheless. Definitely a season highlight.


We were doing our best with the stream; we were having some issues with the USB cameras and the hub we were using.

Glad you enjoyed the tournament! It took a lot of effort and volunteers to put on, and we hope it turned out well.

40% of the teams making eliminations is pretty normal, if not high. Don’t really see the issue there. This is the biggest venue we were able to obtain. Two divisions would have been even harder to fit in the venue.

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I think what Connor is thinking of is two divisions of 40 teams. That’s what they did at the South Texas Regionals last year.

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Yea, would have definitely been impossible for us to run. We would have needed four comp fields and two separate places to put pairs of fields.

I live in the Bay Area now and through my work with FLL have become a bit of an expert in livestreaming with multiple cameras. Someone find me the event organizer and I’ll make sure these problems are remedied next year.


Skills area was a joke. We had a team that had to wait over 90 minutes just to run one skills. That is all they got the entire day.

Sorry to hear that .